Free Blackfish

Blackfish” makes you wonder  and think over. Message is clear, thouch there may be some objections (like here or here), I wouldn’t say any new about the documentary that hadn’t be said yet...

However, I have many doubts on the impact and effect on future conservancy meassures of, in this case, orcas. It is not the first film-documentary on this issue: the Frontline’s episode “A whale of a business” already talked about in as fas as 1997. Among other animals, Keiko, main actor in “Free Willy”, has its part.

Can Blackfish have more consequences than “Free Willy”? They are obviously two very different films: “Free Willy” is more about humanizing an animal; “Blackfish” goes straight to the controversy.

“Free Willy” reached all audiences and achieved the Keiko’s liberation. Therefore, awareness was limited to the personification in one single individual. None of the 3 following films(yep, “Free Willy 4” does exist) has had any impact and the issue has gone unnoticed since this “Blackfish”.

Could “Blackfish” be able to impulse definetely the debate on hunting and captivity of cetaceans? While we get the answer, and broaden the controversy, I recover one of the images of VueltaenterA



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