Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente: 34 years already?

Last week I found a book entitled “Animals in their environment” (Los animales en su medio natural), written by Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente. Just a few days before we could read in press that during the Spanish dictatorship he suffered censorship, basically concerning to his statements on Darwinism.

This book was published on 1976, when banning was weaker. Thus, we can read “we are part of a complete comunity from bacteria to human beings” or that we live in “a small planet, lost in a remote galaxy, that we call Earth”.

We can also discover many details on ecology and ethology on African animals, such as the elephant, giraffe, lion or the cheetah. Often comparing them to humans. For example, when explaining how the adult cheetah teaches the young to prey, he says that “in nature it is only possible to watch bloody scenes, comparable to so many celebrations run by humans, when predators train their young for the tough profession of hunter”. Crystal clear.

One of the things Félix R. de la Fuente achieves with this book is make us think like animals, so we can understand how they live and act. “Bisons have a bad reputation among African hunters because of their aggressiveness. […] It is evident that if bisons could talk, Africans hunters […] won’t have a reputation of being harmless“.

38 years after its publication (and 34 after Félix) it is still more up-to-date than ever.




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