Anti-climatechange Money

Spain fulfils Kyoto Protocol“. This is the headline I’ve been waiting for a long time. Fortunately, I finally read it yesterday, though it is a lie.

I still remember my first year in the University, back to 2004, when I did an essay about the emissions that the different European countries were allowed to produced in order to adapt to Kyoto Protocol. Although many countries needed to reduced their emissions, Spain was allowed to increased them in 15% in relation to those of 1990 (the control year). In 2004 Spanish emissions exceeded the threshold in 45%.

Now, the country is about ti fulfil the Protocol. Thanks to energy saving. Thanks to the increase in public transport use. Thanks to the establishment of renewable energies. Thanks to emissions trading.

Climate change is many things. Among them, it is a business. International Emissions Trading  allows a State to reduce its emissions by buying literrally “non-emited emissions”. It makes senses since developed countries pay for their emissions to developing ones. These countries are then supposed to spend the “non.emited emissions” money in green projects. The market itself makes much more sense since the paying countries negociate contracts for their own national companies.

Although the European Comissions established the cost of a carbon credit in about 20 euros, nowadays they quote below 8 euros. Therefore, the supposed green investment received by developing countries are lower day after day.

The outcome of this devaluation is that emitting is sustained cheaper. This trading drives us to such an outrage that it becomes economically cheaper to keep emitting and pay credits rather than invest in new technologies. In conclusion, it is not greener the one that does not emit, but the one that has the more money.




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