MallorcaRunaway : the e-guide

When I tried for the first time the MallorcaRunawayGuide app I expected something completely different. What I wanted to try most was the Augmented Reality feature, but I found a great tourist guide instead.

MallorcaRunaway Guide, developed by mTrip, is basically a travel guide which takes advantage of the posibilities that electronic devices have. One of its strongest points are the itineraries. These default itineraries suggest a visit to Palma or around the island while visiting points of interest and doing different activities. There is also the option to create your own routes.

Also, if a POI is not in the guide, the user can add it to the app. However, this new item will only be available in our own device and not included in the general database. Interaction between users is covered by comments, “likes”, “check-in”… Once here, the rival is Foursquare, which has more experience and its users are very active. MallorcaRunawayGuide’s best bet is being a local app and being able to make better agreements with local companies. Time will tell.

Concerning Augmented Reality, it is incidental and to be improved in near future.

There are also available two similar apps for the islands of Menorca and Ibiza.
Find the app for Android and iOS.

Mallorca RunAway Guía de Viaje - Aplicaciones de Android en Google Play


  • Designed itineraries.
  • Customizable travel diary.
  • Great database.
  • Translated into 10 languages.


  • Augmented Reality has to be far more developed.
  • Though we can add POI, these are only available in our device and not to the whole community.

2 comentarios en “MallorcaRunaway : the e-guide

  1. Hola Juanjo!

    Muchas gracias por tu post y tus magníficas palabras sobre la guía de Mallorca, Mallorca runaway. Nos gustaría decirte que desde hace poco más de 6 meses, nos encargamos de la aplicación. Estamos poniendo todos nuestros esfuerzos en mejorarla y ahora su diseño es mucho más atractivo y funciona a la perfección. Si necesitas nuevas imágenes de la app actual, no dudes en pedírnoslas. Un saludo!


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