Present and past of Palma de Mallorca in one app

A few months ago Xavier Terrasa presented the book “Palma. Ayer y hoy de su patrimonio”. In this book, and through pictures of the photographer Benet Bohigas, we can learn about the past and present of the city of Palma de Mallorca. As a complement there is now available a mobile app which allows us to put the book in movement and walk through the city identifying the changes (and vanishing) of the emblematic points of the city. This simple and usable app by Kolobee leads us thanks to geolocalization and indicate us the closest points of interest.

Thanks to the user data (“Likes”, comments, visits) the author pointed out in the app presentation that it will be possible to design new actions and conservation plans for the future.

Available for Android and iOS.

Palma. Ayer y hoy APP


  • Refresh distances as we move through the city, so it is very easy to locate POIs.
  • Linked with Google Maps and Facebook.
  • Includes emblematic buildings of Palma old town.


  • Descriptions of each POI are too brief.
  • We can only see the “past” pictures. At times, since we cannot check the “present” picture, it is difficult to locate buildings.
  • There are no proposed itineraries.
  • It is basically a complement for the book.


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